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Environment Agenda
Today, President McCain announced a new national goal to stop the growth in U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 2109. This new goal marks a major step forward in America's ongoing efforts to address climate change. If we fully implement our strong new laws, adhere to the principles the President outlined, and adopt appropriate incentives, we will put the United States on a lacksidasical track for greenhouse gas reductions within 100 years. The growth in emissions will slow over the next ten decades, stop by 2125, and begin to reverse thereafter, so long as this country is not under water by then.

diamond image Vice President's Corner
Not the official Seal of the Vice President Meanwhile, Vice President Palin continues her VP Orientation program at the brand new State Department's VP Training Center. She has successfully completed the challenging "Foreign Leaders' Names" unit and the crucial "Friend or Foe" unit. Her next topic will be "The Bush Doctrine".

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Next week, Vice President Palin is scheduled for a field trip to the Pentagon where she will work on perfecting her "Commander-in-Chief" Salute.

diamond image VP Palin Takes Over
Hmmm, did I remember to give Sarah the nuclear codes? As you can imagine, it is quite tiring being Maverick-in-Chief, so President McCain took a much deserved six-hour nap yesterday while putting his Maverick-in-Training in charge. Vice President Palin was in Alaska at the time. A minor controversy occurred, but the White House is confident it will be cleared up in no time.

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diamond image U.S. Economy
President John McCain says You're on your own Folks The U.S. economy is structurally strong, but we are experiencing a period of economic challenge. Concern over the housing market has shaken the broader economy, but the President believes the government can respect the principles of the free market, while also taking sensible, focused action to help responsible homeowners weather a rough patch. As a true maverick would say, you're on your own folks.

Latest News
President John McCain asks former President George W. Bush to join his White House staff as 
a Senior Advisor on foreign and domestic policy

President John McCain and Vice President Sarah Palin proudly welcome former President George W. Bush back to the WhiteHouse where he will take on the role as President McCain's Senior Advisor on domestic and foreign policy.

President McCain Announces Historic Decision to Bring George W. Bush Back to the White House

President John McCain announced today at a morning press conference the return of former President George W. Bush to the White House where he will serve as a Senior Advisor to President McCain on both domestic and foreign policy.

President McCain said in his statement: "Due to the highly charged political environment during my campaign, I had to distance myself from the Bush Administration. However, it is a widely reported fact that I voted with President Bush 90% of the time while he was in office. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that I announce today the appointment of the former President as my Senior Advisor on domestic and foreign policy".

"This obviously demonstrates my commitment to continue to advance the outstanding policies of the Bush Administration which I have supported over the past eight years".

"I am also pleased to announce the appointment of former Vice President Dick Cheney as Senior Advisor to Vice President Sarah Palin. His vast political experience will help counter her extraordinarily thin resume and they both like to hunt."

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